The Lake District Hiking & Wild Camping Videos

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Heading home from Blencathra in the Lake District

The second mountain range that Trev and Nath headed for as part of the UK’s 3 peaks mountain hiking goal was that of the Lake District, home of the tallest mountains in England. The first time that they went there was back in 2017, where they took on Scafell Pike and neighboring Ling Mell, had a Gondola ride and hike across Coniston Lake before some impromptu mountain hiking up the Old Man of Coniston

In 2019 Trev returned to the Lakes once again where he met up with fellow YouTuber Alan Metalman, who would show him to the summit of Helvellyn – England’s 3rd tallest mountain (and the UK’s favourite mountain), and also treated him to a wild camp at the scenic Easdale Tarn

This is where you can find our collection of Lake District hiking and wild camping videos, simply click on the picture or the video title to watch the video. 

Warning – some of our earlier videos contain strong language so viewers discretion is advised.


The lads arrive for a spot of mountain hiking in the Lake District, and round two of their 3 peaks goal see’s them hiking up Scafell Pike, England’s tallest mountain.

Starting from their campsite at Wasdale, they started their climb in the morning, with their target hidden in a shroud of low lying cloud. As they wound their way up the Brown Tongue Path, they were met by other early rising hikers on their return down the mountain, complaining that the weather was pretty bleak up top.

But the sun shines on the righteous, and as the guys made it to the top, the clouds parted and they were treated with some amazing views of the surrounding mountains.

But, this is Summit or Nothing, and no sooner had they hopped over to Ling Mell, it all began to unravel. The clouds swept in, Nath’s navigation went haywire and Trev’s boots fell apart. 

Typical Summit or Nothing moments – See above! Also, carrying their entire camping backpacks up a mountain and not using them!

Interesting fact – This was the first Summit or Nothing video to use censor beeps – it was used for comic effect over Trev’s tirade on the way down the mountain and sort of stuck from there.


Day two of hiking in the Lake District. This leisurely hike and gondola ride, taken on as an easy day after a gruelling hike on Scafell and Ling Mell the day before, was a way to see some of the Lakes that give this particular district its name.

Although not as adventurous, this is actually one of Trev’s favourite videos, where the banter and the tomfoolery between the two friends really make the video.

Picking up the National Trust restored Gondola at the Water Head Pier at Coniston, the journey was both relaxing and informative – and during it, the lads learnt that Coniston Lake was famous for the Bluebird’s tragic water speed record which cost the life of pilot Donald Campbell in 1967. On a lighter note its also the inspiration behind Arthur Ransome’s Swallows and Amazons.

Once across the gigantic body of water, the pair were dropped off at the peer beneath Dale’s wood, where they headed up to Parkamoor before making their way to the cycle track across the Park. Then it was a long stretch through Grizedale Forest before eventually breaking out waterside once again and a spot of lunch at Brantwood.

As recommended online, the Coniston Lake Gondola Ride and Hike was a pleasant walk, but a bit of a change of pace for Summit or Nothing and to be honest, Trev felt they were missing out as he looked out across to the mountains on the opposite side of this famous lake.

Typical Summit or Nothing moments – missing the gondola ride home, Trev’s tree book.


After stopping to take a timelapse of the Old Man of Coniston’s little brother, the Bell, Trev gets fidgety and feels the need to get in ‘One More Up’ before they depart back to Cornwall tomorrow. Surely Hiking up the Old Man of Coniston would be the ideal candidate.

Managing to convince Nath that they should tackle one last mountain, Nath soon takes the lead and stomps on ahead in a challenging push to reach the summit of the Old Man of Coniston before the bad weather arrives and the sunsets.

This is a classic episode, and many peoples favourite, which sees Nath and Trev pushed to limits and their friendship is challenged and goes through a whole spectrum of emotions.

A highlight in their adventures and an emotional last-minute hike that they will surely remember forever.


Trev is joined by fellow YouTuber Alan Metalman for a weekend of hiking in the Lake District, and the main event was Englands 3rd tallest mountain and the nation’s favourite, Helvellyn. 

Coming up the north-western side of this incredible mountain, Alan and trev started at Swirls carpark and take a direct but steep route up, with awesome views of Thirlmere Reservoir throughout the climb.

As the pair approach the rocky outcrop of Browncove Crags the mist rolled in and the promise of the mountains more popular eastern flanks and ridges (such as Striding Edge and Swirrel Edge) looked as though they were going to be kept shrouded from them.

It wasn’t a long while before the pair passed Lower Man and within minutes of that, they had reached Helvellyn’s summit, trig point, cairn, shelter, and the Charles Gough memorial stone.

The sun broke through the clouds as the two YouTubers descended via Birk Side, with majestic views over High Crags, Middle Tongue and Comb Crags below.

Arriving at Wythburn Forestry, the ground level walk back to the Swirls carpark was harder work than the pair had anticipated. However, it was a great day out, and a fantastic start to this Lake District weekend.


After conquering HelvellynAlan Metalman wanted to share with Trev this amazing little spot for wild camping in the Lake DistrictEasdale Tarn.

After leading the way to Grasmere, the walk up to Easdale Tarn began. Loaded up with their camping gear, and having missed their proposed teatime meal, the climb was a hard slog, but the views throughout the journey of Helm Crag, and back towards the village were stunning.

Passing the splendid waterfall at Sourmilk Gill, the walk then leveled out a touch as the pair wound their way into the tarn. 

This picturesque spot was the perfect place to wild camp, Trev out in his Lanshan 2 this time, and the weather was ideal, with hardly a breath of air. It was just a shame that someone had been here before them and left the beauty spot in such a disgraceful condition. 


Only a short video here as Alan Metalman shows Trev one last fell with amazing views; Hallen Fell

A great end to a terrific weekend and the views up top of Ullswater Lake are worth the steep climb up to the obelisk. 

Watch the video here.


After a substantial break from the mountains, due to covid lockdowns, Nath and myself took the first opportunity of the year to get back to the Lake District to tackle an amazing 12 mile trek through the mountains, with Great Gable the crowning glory. This walk took in several Wainwrights, including Fleetwith Pike, Haystacks and Kirk Fell.

Watch the video here!

Starting off at the slate mines at Honnister, this days hike was ambitious, especially for a pair of out of practice southeners, with arduous ups and downs throughout the days hiking, with rain, mist, and sunny spells all showing up to grace us with their treasures.

The highlight of the day was the views from Haystacks, as well as conquering Kirk Fell, only to then see the next mountain on our route Great Gable as it loomed over us from afar.

This really was a great day back at it, and despite it knocking us for six, it didn’t stop us hopping straight into our car and driving throughout the night back to Devon.


Watch the Video Here

Nath and myself made it back to the Lakes before too long, and this time had a few days out at it with some camps along the way. The first outing was to the splendid Buttermere Edge.

We arrived early evening, a quick hop up to Bleabury Tarn for a camp, before waking early the following morning and hopping across the ridgeline and visiting the sites Wainwrights such as Sourmilk Gill, over Red Pike, High Stile, High Crag, Grey Crag and Seat with fantastic views throughout!

We were also fortunate enough to witness Tom Cruise performing some stunts for his forthcoming Mission Impossible Movie as he skydived from a helicopter directly above the mountain we were currently trekking down.



On the second day of our Lake District trip, Nath and I visited, climbed and conquered the mighty Blencathra.

Starting at the small village of Mungrisdale, we made our way up onto the hills and mountains via Bowscale Fell, Bannerdale Crags, and Atkinson Pike before summiting Blencathra itself at 868m’s high.

This was another great Lake District walk and treated us to some amazing sites along the way including the ominous looking sharp edge.

We then made our way down the mountain, where we were going to camp at another tarn, which we found was already spoken for, so a riverside camp and a short trek back in the morning saw the end of another fantastic Lake District outing!