Snowdonia Hiking & Wild Camping Videos

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The aim of Summit or Nothing from the start was to get up some mountains, and the first goal was the UK’s three largest peaks. Snowdon was first on that list and introduced the lads to hiking in the mountains of Snowdonia National Park.

Since then, a number of mountain hiking excursions have been made  to the mountains of Snowdonia, including getting lost on the dinosaur back of Tryfan, with the Adam and Eve stones and false summits, wild camping on top of the awesome Cadair Idris (their first-ever Snowdonia mountainside wild camp) and the ridge side scramble up Moel Siabod with a fellow YouTuber.

This is where you can find every full video of Summit or Nothing hiking and wild camping in Snowdonia. To watch the video, simply click the title or the image.

Warning – The earlier videos are rife with bad language so audience discretion is advised. 


It was our first mountain, a massive occasion, and s owe gladly shared it with 30,000 others. Let the lesson be learned, do not climb Snowdon on an August Bank Holiday.

Climbing the Rangers Path was a long and arduous slog, and after just a handful of day hikes on Dartmoor, it soon became apparent that Trev was going to need to up his training if they were going to keep on the mountains. 

It was a fantastic day for it, scorching sun, a cooling breeze, and the epic Snowdonia views were certainly worth the effort. 

You can watch the video here! 

Typical Summit or Nothing moment – Having just spent the change for the car park.


After completing Snowdon, we were then nudged in the direction of this epic mountain, Tryfan. Our second mountain was certainly going to be one to remember. 

Almost immediately after setting off beneath the Heather Terrace path along the Cwm Tryfan Path, the cloud cover dropped and we were shrouded in a thick mist. Somehow we missed the entire mountain and ended up on the way up Glyder Fach

Eventually, we were shown the way back to the route up to Tryfan, and after a while found the summit… Huzzah!!! Or had we?  

Despite our failings on this mountain, Tryfan remains one of the best mountain hikes and scrambles we have done, even if we couldn’t see where we were going. 

You can watch the video here!

Typical Summit or Nothing moments – Pretty much start to finish haha! 


Its been on the cards for a long time, but now, finally, Summit or Nothing have made it up to the mountains for some wild camping.

Returning to Snowdonia the duo head up to Cadair Idris for a day hike, and a wild camp up top. Parking at Ty-nant car park, the guys take a slow plod up the pony path, taking in the views and setting time-lapses of the amazing landscapes that North Wales has to offer.

Then, after a brief trip to the summit – Penygadair – they set up camp in the Vango Mirage 200 as the temperature plummets and snow falls. 

Watch the full video here! 

Typical Summit or Nothing moments – Trev putting his foot in it with a Ranger, then an appalling attempt att the floss, and Nath sleeping through the amazing mountaintop sunrise.


At the end of what has proven to be a very busy summer for Summit or Nothing, Trev has one more big trip planned, and another collaboration for some more hiking and wild camping in Snowdonia.

Trev met up with YouTuber Joss, who is also the creator of the Great Outdoors TV Facebook Group, who shows Trev one of his favourite scrambles up the eastern ridge of Moel Siabod.

Starting the hike by Capel Curig, Joss led Trev at first to an abandoned mine and workman cottages overlooking the woodland of Capel Tan-y-garth, before the slow and steady ascent up to the start of the Daear Ddu ridge, just beyond the Llyn y foel mountainside lake.

Once on top, the obligatory Summit or Nothing call took place, and the pair momentarily took in views of SnowdonGlyder Fach and Tryfan before giving way to the winds and retreating down to the northern slope of the mountain to set up camp for the night, Trev back in his Naturehike Cloud Up 2, which after his minor windproof alterations survived the gusty night.

In the morning a dreary but dry hike back to Capel Curig where Trev bought Joss a breakfast at the Capel Curig cafe to say thanks for the exquisite meal that Joss had cooked for them both at suppertime last night.

Watch the video here! 

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