Kit we Use



What kind of backpack is right for you?  Does it need to be expensive? Is bigger better? Does cheaper mean heavier? Which backpack is most comfortable?

Whether its a day pack for hiking, or a larger pack for a camping or thru hiking, we have tested a variety for you.

Hiking Footwear


Is a hiking boot better than a shoe? Is it best to wear a leather hiking boot or is a gortex boot better for you? What boots are better for long distance? And what about hiking socks?

After putting a lot of miles behind them, the guys at Summit or Nothing have tried a variety of boots between, and for all sorts terrain and conditions.

Tents and Shelters


What is a good tent for hiking and backpacking? What is the best ultralight tent for a hiker on a budget? What tents are best for stealth camping? 

Trev has a bit of a budget tent fetish going on at the moment.

Sleeping Bags and Roll Mats


Do I need a mummy sleeping bag? Are there any small 4 season sleeping bags? What is the best sleeping bag for summer? What is so good about down sleeping bags?

Looking for insight into which sleeping bag and sleeping pads and mats to use for a comfortable and warm night camping, then check out our reviews.

Camping Stoves and Water Filters


Which is the best backpacking stove? Is a Jet Boil better than a Trangia? Are the cheaper alternatives as good as the branded stoves?

We have tried and tested a few varieties of stoves and water filters out on the trail.