What’s The Best Backpack / Rucksack for Camping?

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Having recently been asked by a viewer, Steve, which backpacks we would recommend for wild camping, I thought that it would be a great time to look back at the backpacks that we have worn in the past, and what they each have to offer. The highlighted underlined text are active affiliate links for each product, so be sure to check them out and any purchase you make will help us with a tiny commission but at no extra cost to you!

Nath checking the map on top of Craig y Fan Ddu

Get on lads. Loving your videos, very inspiring.
Very keen hiker myself done a lot of walking predominantly on Dartmoor also the lakes and Snowdonia. Want to do more camping now so am keen to know which rucksacks you recommend for night hikes.
Keep the vids coming
All the best

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to camping, as everyone will have different requirements and needs, and although we have both decreased our weight and pack sizes considerably since our first few camps, both Nathan and myself feel that there is still plenty of room for improvement. As we always say, we are still learning ourselves.

We have used a handful of different backpacks and rucksacks over the past few years on our numerous overnight adventures. It has been a challenge and a learning curve to whittle down the weight and the contents that we take with us.

But one piece of advice that we both agree on is “Try to keep the size down to start with”, as the bigger the backpack, the more room you have to fill it with, and you will always fill a bag if you have the room to spare.

But that being said, as you first embark on your won wild camping excursions, you will be finding your feet, and until you start to get into it, you will probably not know what you do and do not need.