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On May 3rd 2016, the very first video from Summit or Nothing was uploaded to the Hagfilms channel on YouTube. Day Trekking on Dartmoor Part 1 documented the very first Dartmoor hike that Nath and myself did together, well, the first fifth of that particular outing anyway. The full length version of this adventure would be uploaded the following month (June 18th 2016) onto its very own channel. Summit or Nothing, Youtube’s hapless adventurers (and some tell me the best wild camping and hiking channel on Youtube) was born.

Now, over 7 years later, Summit or Nothing has stockpiled a staggering 187 outdoor adventures – from hiking and wild camping on the Dartmoor, to exploring the South West Coast Path, from escaping rampaging cattle on Bodmin Moor, to breaking above the clouds on the mountains of the Romanian Carpathians.

Massive collection of Dartmoor wild camping videos
Over 100 Videos take place on Dartmoor!

All told, we actually have about 400 videos (there’s endless tent and gear reviews, Q&A’s, hints and tips videos, re-edits, omnibus editions, Youtube shorts and other filler vids) but in this blog post I simply list every FULL LENGTH SUMMIT OR NOTHING OUTING’s – so, basically, each time we put on the hiking boots, don the backpacks and head out into the wild.

It’s all a bit nerdy I know, but its actually made for an interesting side project for me, and a great way to look back over the years of our Outdoor Adventurisnessism.

This list includes over 100 Dartmoor outings – 40 plus SWCP adventures – 20 Mountain Hikes, and see’s me joined by friends, family, fellow YouTubers, fans of the channel and Patreons!

It’s interesting to see the videos in list form like this, it really gives an insightful overview of the history of the channel – you can see where Nath disappears and reappears – where I was training for my Dartmoor in A Day (E113 – E120) ), where the UK was plunged in and out of Covid Lockdown’s (from about episode 101 – 135ish).

Did you Know? – Stan made his first appearance in Episode 11

It’s also interesting to realise that Stan, another regular of the channel, actually made his first appearance as early as episode 11, before Nath and I had even started Wild Camping or even before I began to pick off sections of the South West Coast Path.

So, I invite you to please have a scroll through this list and see which of these adventures you may have missed, or that you may have forgotten, or which you may wish to revisit for old times sake.

Or maybe you can use this list to get ideas for your own travels, or perhaps you are that much of a hardcore fan that you would binge-watch each and every video again in order. Who knows! Anyway, simply click the Highlighted Video Title to navigate to the video on YouTube.

I will add to this list as we get out on many more adventures, and please if you notice any errors or if any links are wrong (I did this myself, manually after all) then please inform me, and I will amend them. Thanks!


E1 – High Willhays Dartmoor Day Hike – Nath / Trev (D1)

E2 – Tavy Cleave / Fur Tor Day Hike, Dartmoor – Nath / Trev (D2)

E3 – Great Links Tor, Dartmoor Day Hike – Nath / Trev (D3)

E4 – Belstone to Steeperton (in the Mist), Dartmoor Day Hike – Nath / Trev (D4)

E5 – Snowdon, Snowdonia Mountain Hike – Nath / Trev (SN1)

E6 – Tryfan, Snowdonia Mountain Hike – Nath / Trev (SN2)

E7 – Haytor / Hound Tor, Dartmoor Day Hike – Nath / Trev / Jon (D5)

E8 – Burrator to Sheepstor, Dartmoor Day Hike – Nath / Trev (D6)

E9 – Kingstor, Dartmoor micro-adventure – Nath / Trev (D7)

E10 – Venford Twin Falls, Dartmoor Day Hike – Nath / Trev (D8)

E11 – Haytor ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY – Trev / Stan (D9)

E12 – Merrivale, Dartmoor Hike and Great Mis Wild Camp (D10) Nath / Trev (D10)

E13 – Two Bridges Dartmoor Hike and Wistman’s Wood Wild Camp – Nath / Trev (D11)

E14 – Sandymouth to Bude, South West Coast Path Hike – Trev (SW1)

E15 – Oke Range Circular and West Mill Tor, Dartmoor Wild Camp – Trev / Nath (D12)

E16 – Scafell Pike, Lake District Mountain Hike – Trev / Nath (LK1)

E17 – Coniston Lake, Lake District Gondola and Hike – Trev / Nath (LK2)

E18 – Old Man Of Coniston, Lake District Mountain Hike – Trev / Nath (LK3)

E19 – Bossiney Cove to Tintagel Castle, SWCP Hike – Trev (SW2)

E20 – Cranmere Pool, Dartmoor Hike – Trev / Nath (D13)

E21 – Clovelly South West Coast Path Circular Hike – Trev (SW3)

E22 – Pen Y Fan, Brecon Beacons Mountain Hike – Trev / Nath (BB1)

E23 – Crackington Haven, SWCP Circular Hike – Trev (SW4)

E24 – Minions & Cheesewrings, Bodmin Moor Day Hike – Trev / Don / Kids (BOD1)

E25 – Fan Y Big, Brecon Beacons Mountain Hike – Nath / Trev (BB2)

E26 – Dunkery Beacon, Exmoor Hiking – Nath / Trev (EX1)

E27 – Fernworthy Forest and surrounding Tors, Dartmoor Hiking – Nath / Trev (D14)

E28 – Boscastle, SWCP Circular Hike – Trev (SW5)

E29 – Nath’s Navigation Training, Oke Tor Dartmoor Hike – Nath (D15)

E30 – Bude To Widemouth, SWCP Hiking – Trev (SW6)

E31 – Bleak House Ruin, Stormy Dartmoor Winter Wild Camp – Trev / Nath (D16)

E32 – Sandymouth Heading North, SWCP Hiking – Trev (SW7)

E33 – Millook to Crackington Haven, SWCP Hiking – Trev (SW8)

E34 – Strangles to Beanies, SWCP Gap Filler Hike – Trev (SW9)

E35 – Black Mountains, Brecon Beacon’s Hike and Failed Wild Camp – Trev / Nath (BB3)

E36 – Tintagel to Port Isacc SWCP Hike – Trev (SW10)

E37 – Gidleigh, Kestor and Thornworthy Tor, Dartmoor Day Hike – Nath / Trev (D17)

E38 – Boscastle To Bossiney Cove, SWCP Hike (Beast of the East) – Trev (SW11)

E39 – Port Isaac to Rock, SWCP Hike – Trev / Dionis (SW12)

E40 – Welcombe to Hartland, SWCP Hike – Trev (SW13)

E41 – Princetown, Sweltor & Foggintor Quarries, Dartmoor Hike – Nath / Trev – (D18)

E42 – Padstow to Treyarnon Bay, SWCP Hike – Trev (SW14)

E43 – Bellever Tor and Forest, Dartmoor Wet & Windy Wild Camp – Nath / Trev (D19)

E44 – Minehead to Porlock, SWCP Hike – Trev / Donnah (SW15)

E45 – Lynmouth to Porlock, SWCP Hike – Trev / Donnah (SW16)

E46 – Clovelly to Westward Ho! SWCP Hike – Trev (SW17)

E47 – Cadair Idris, Snowdonia Mountain Hike &Wild Camp – Nath / Trev (SN3)

E48 – Westward Ho! to Fremington, SWCP Hike – Trev (SW18)

E49 – Brixham to Kingswear SWCP Hike – Trev / Stan (SW19)

E50 – Newquay to Treyarnon Bay, South West Coast Path Hike – Trev (SW20)

E51 – Brown Willy / Rough Tor Bodmin Moor Hiking – Trev / Nath (BOD2)

E52 – Gutter Tor 2 Tarp Dartmoor Wild Camp – Nath / Trev (D20)

E53 – Newquay to Perranporth, South West Coast Path Hike – Trev (SW21)

E54 – Hound Tor Dartmoor Hike & 2 Tarp Wild Camp – Nath / Trev (D21)

E55 – Tamar Lakes Ambient Walk – Trev (Extra1)

E56 – Fremington to Saunton SWCP Hike – Trev (SW22)

E57 – Ben Nevis, Scotland Mountain Hike – Trev / Nath (SC1)

E58 – Perranporth to Portreath, SWCP Hiking – Trev / Donnah (SW23)

E59 – Hangershell Rock, Dartmoor Hike and Wild Camp – Trev / Nath (D22)

E60 – King Arthurs Hall, Bodmin Moor Hike – Trev / Nath (BOD3)

E61 – Combe Martin to Lynton, SWCP Hike – Trev (SW24)

E62 – Saunton to Woolacombe, SWCP Hiking – Trev (SW25)

E63 – Hare Tor SOLO Dartmoor Wild Camp – Trev (D23)

E64 – Sharp Tor to Yar Tor, Dartmoor Hiking – Trev / Nath (D24)

E65 – Sheepstor Solo Christmas Dartmoor Wild Camp – Trev (D25)

E66 – Peter Tavy / Merrivale Dartmoor Hike – Trev / Nath (D26)

E67 – Oke Tor / Lanshan, Dartmoor Solo Wild Camp – Trev (D27)

E68 – Cosdon Beacon SNOWY Dartmoor Hike – Nath / Trev (D28)

E69 – Woolacombe To Combe Martin, SWCP Hike – Trev (SW26)

E70 – Portreath To St Ives, SWCP Hike – Trev (SW27)

E71 – Babbacombe to Dawlish, SWCP Hike – Trev (SW28)

E72 – Cadover Bridge Dartmoor Hike, Wild Camp & Trangia Cooking – Trev / Thom – (D29)

E73 – Branscombe Loaf, Solo Tarp & Bivi Camp, Dartmoor – Trev (D30)

E74 – Babbacombe to Brixham SWCP Hike – Trev (SW29)

E75 – Merrivale / Great Mis Tor Hike & Near Freezing Dartmoor Wild Camp – Stan / Trev – (D31)

E76 – Granite Way to Lydford Gorge, Dartmoor Hike – Trev / Don & Kids – (D32)

E77 – Isle Of Portland, SWCP Hike (Mighty Hike Training) – Trev / Rob (SW30)

E78 – Weymouth to Corfe Castle – Macmillan Mighty Hike – Trev / Rob (SW31)

E79 – Doe Tor, Dartmoor Solo Wild Camp – Trev (D33)

E80 – Broad Falls, Dartmoor Hike, wild camp and Trangia Cooking – Trev / Thom (D34)

E81 – Four Waterfalls Walk, Brecon Beacons Hiking – Trev / Dionis / Sean / Frank (BB4)

E82 – Pen Y Fan, Mountain hike & Wild Camp – Trev / Dionis / Frank / Sean (BB5)

E83 – Belstone to Oke Tor, Dartmoor circular Hike – Trev (D35)

E84 – Hellvellyn Lake District Mountain Hike – Trev / Alan Metalman (LK4)

E85 – Easdale Tarn Lake District Hike & Wild Camp – Trev / Alan Metalman (LK5)

E86 – Hallen Fell – Lake District Hike – Trev / Alan Metalman (LK6)

E87 – Oke Tor CHARITY Dartmoor Group Hike – Trev (D36)

E88 – Sennen to St. Ives SWCP Hike & Wild Camp – Trev (SW32)

E89 – Lands End and Beyond, SWCP Hike – Trev (SW33)

E90 – Great Staple Dartmoor Wild Camping with my son – Trev / Coen (D37)

E91 – Moel Siabod, Snowdonia Mountain Hike & Wild Camp – Trev / Joss (SN4)

E92 – Haytor Mini Ten Tors Dartmoor Circular Hike – Trev (D37)

E93 – Exmouth to Sidmouth SWCP Hike – Trev (SW34)

E94 – Struggling For Nothing (the Girls Do Dartmoor) Postbridge / Grey Whethers Hike – Don / Jemma (D38)

E95 – Mini 10 Tors Charity Dartmoor Group Hike – Trev (D39)

E96 – Oke Tor Windy Christmas Solo Dartmoor Wild Camp – Trev (D40)

E97 – Omu Peak, 2 day Romanian Carpathian Snowy Mountain Hiking & Mountain Top Cabana – Trev / Dionis / Sean / Frank / Vlad (ROM1)

E98 – Piatre Mare – Romanian Mountain Hiking and Caving – Trev / Frank / Dionis / Sean / Vlad (ROM2)

E99 – Sidmouth to Seaton SWCP Hike – Trev (SW35)

E100 – First Time Hammock Camping – Trev / Andy (SW36)

E101 – Meldon Reservoir – Windy Virtual Hike – Trev (D41)

E102 – German Alps Mountain Holiday – Trev / Don / Kids (EXTRA)

E103 – Exeter Roman Wall City Walk – Trev (EXTRA)

E104 – Ambient Early Morning Lockdown Walk – Trev (EXTRA)

E105 – Meldon Bluebell Woods Early Morning Walk – Trev (D42)

E106 – Dartmoor from My Door (Rowtor / Westmill) Lock Down Walk – Trev (D43)

E107 – Dartmoor and Two Castles Trail Early Morning Lockdown Walk – Trev (D44)

E108 – Okehampton – Rowtor – Ambient moorland and Riverside Circular Walk – Trev (D45)

E109 – Dartmoors Highest Tors – High Willhays to Dinger Tor Hike – Trev (D46)

E110 – Ten Tors in Ten Miles – Sourton to Great Links Circular Hike – Trev (D47)

E111 – Dartmoor’s Remotest Tors – Rowtor to Watern Tor – Dartmoor Hiking – Trev (D48)

E112 – Nath Returns – Arms Tor to Hare Tor – Dartmoor Hiking – Trev / Nath (D49)

E113 – Dartmoor Bites Back – 17 mile Solo Hike Beardown Tors to Lynch Tor (in Mist and Bog) – Trev (D50)

E114 – Prawle Point 24mile Circular Coast Walk – SWCP Hiking – Trev (SW37)

E115 – Fingle Bridge Circualr Dartmoor Hike – Trev (D51)

E116 – Grimspound and Hamel Down Dartmoor Hike – Trev / Nath (D52)

E117 – Chinkwell Tor – First Dartmoor Wild Camp Since Lockdown – Trev / Stan (D53)

E118 – Salcombe to Hope Cove – SWCP Hike and Solo Wild Camp – Trev (SW38)

E119 – Torpoint Circular SWCP Hike – Trev (SW39)

E120 – Dartmoor in a Day – EPIC 33mile North to South Dartmoor Hike – Trev (D54)

E121 – Merrival / Pew Tor Circular Dartmoor Hiking – Trev (D55)

E122 – Pew Tor Mid-week Solo Dartmoor Wild Camp – Trev (D56)

E123 – The First Dartmoor Patreon Hike – Steeperton Tor to East Mill – Trev / Nath / Patreons (D57)

E124 – Gidleigh To Kestor Rock Solo Dartmoor Hiking – Trev (D58)

E125 – Fordsland’s Ledge – Cold and Windy Solo Dartmoor Camp – Trev (D59)

E126 – Princetown Tors Circular Dartmoor Walk – Trev (D60)

E127 – Nath’s First Wild Camp in 2 Years – Great Links Tor Dartmoor Wild Camp – Trev / Nath (D61)

E128 – Cosdon Beacon to Little Hound Tor – Dartmoor Hiking – Trev (D62)

E129 – Lockdown Woodland Walk and Brew on A Woodstove – Trev (EXTRA)

E130 – Bench Tor, Venford Twin Falls and Combestone Tor Dartmoor Circular Hike – Trev (D63)

E131 – Bad Weather Cloud Peak Dartmoor Solo Winter Wild Camp – Trev (D64)

E132 – Summit About The Sea – Looe Cornish Coast Walk With Nath – Trev / Nath (SW40)

E133 – Sourton to Black Tor – Sunny but Wintery Dartmoor Hike – Trev (D65)

E134 – Woodland Hammcok Day and Woodstove Fry Ups – Trev / Nath (EXTRA)

E135 – Buckland Beacon / The Ten Commandments Stone Dartmoor Hiking – Trev (D66)

E136 – Watern Tor from Gidleigh – Freezing Dartmoor Hike – Trev / Nath (D67)

E137 – Shelstone Tor Springtime Solo Dartmoor Wild Camp – Trev (D68)

E138 – Steeperton Tor Windy Dartmoor Wild Camp – Trev / Nath (D69)

E139 – A Wet Patreon Hike over Dartmoors High Tors – Trev / Nath / Patreons (D70)

E140 – Lamorna to Marizion SWCP Hike – Trev (SW41)

E141 – Great Gable 12 Mile / 7 Wainwrights – Lake District Mountain Hiking – Trev / Nath (LK7)

E142 – Dartmoor Ultralight Solo Tarp Camp – West Mill Tor – Trev (D71)

E143 – Brat Tor to Shelstone Tor First Patreon Dartmoor Wild Camp – Trev / Nath (D72)

E144 – Windy Dartmoor Wild Camp – Rowtor in the One Tigris – Trev (D73)

E145 – Marizion to Portleven – SWCP Hiking – Trev (SW42)

E146 – Cheddar Gorge Hiking in the Mendips – Trev (MD1)

E147 – 2 Girls One Tent – Dartmoor Camping – Donnah / Sarah (D74)

E148 – Buttermere Egde Lake District Mountain Hike and Wild Camp – Nath / Trev / Tom Cruise (LK8)

E149 – Blencathra Lake District Mountain Hike and Wild Camp – Nath / Trev (LK9)

E150 – Steeperton Tor Patreon Dartmoor Wild Camp – Trev / Nath / Patreons (D75)

E151 – Garmin Watch Navigation Dartmoor Hike – Trev (D76)

E152 – Nath’s Aborted Dartmoor Wild Camp – Fordslands Ledge – Nath / Pat (D77)

E152 – Eerie Solo Camp – Great Links Tor Dartmoor Wild Camp – Trev (D78)

E153 – King Arthurs Bed to Kilmar Tor UNDER GUNFIRE – Bodmin Moor Hiking – Trev (BOD4)

E154 – Festive Winter Dartmoor Wild Camp – MSR FREELITE 2 West Mill Tor – Trev / Nath (D79)

E155 – 2 Historic Walk in Exeter – Woolen Walk and Medievil Trail – Trev (EXTRA)

E156 – Porthleven to Mullion – SWCP Hiking – Trev (SW43)

E157 – Wet & Windy Dartmoor Wild Camp West Mill in the MSR – Trev (D80)

E158 – Icy Cold Patreon Dartmoor Camp – Great Mis Tor – Trev / Patreons (D81)

E159 – RAB Factory Tor and Peak District Hike and Wild (ish) Camp – Trev / YouTubes Outdoors Elite (PD1)

E160 – Freezing Cold Solo Tarp Camp and Huge North-west Dartmoor Hike – Trev (D82)

E161 – 360 VR Tour of Places to See Near Dartmoor – Trev (D83)

E162 – Return to The Black Mountains – Gruelling Brecon Beacons Hike and Bailed Wild Camp – Trev (BB6)

E163 – 360 VR Tour Haytor Mini Ten Tors – Dartmoor Virtual Reality Hiking – Trev (D84)

E164 – Haytor Mini Ten Tors Patreon Dartmoor Hike – Trev / Don / Patreons (D85)

E165 – Oke Tor From Okehampton Charity Group Hike – Trev (D86)

E166 – Glorious Summertime Camp with my Son – Sourton Tor – Trev / Coen (D87)

E167 – 360 VR Tour – Dartmoor’s Highest Tors Virtual Reality Hiking– Trev (D88)

E168 – A Tent, A Tarp 2 Men & a Dog – Great Staple Dartmoor Wild Camp – Trev / Stan (D89)

E169 – Snowdon Macmillan Night Hike – Snowdonia Hiking – Trev (SN5)

E170 – Doe Tor Patreon Hike & Wild Camp in HORRENDOUS Weather – Trev / Patreons (D90)

E171 – Mullion to Lizard Point – Via Keynance Cove – SWCP Hiking – Trev (SW44)

E172 – First Patreon Social Group Camp and Dartmoor Hike (Grimspound) – Trev / Nath / Patreons (D91)

E173 – Brixham Harbour Sea Fishing Boat Trip – Trev / Stan / Carl (EXTRA)

E174 – Wet Windy Wild Camp Kingstor Dartmoor in the Taiji 2 – Trev (D92)

E175 – First Ever Snow Camp – Shelstone Tor, Dartmoor Xmas Festive Camp – Trev (D93)

E176 – Ambient ASMR Snow Crunching Winter Hiking – Dartmoor North Moor Hike Pt1 – Trev (D94)

E177 – A Hike & A Moan – Dartmoor North Moor Winter Hike Pt 2 – Trev (D95)

E178 – Still Getting Lost On Dartmoor – Hayne Down / Bowermans Nose Hiking – Trev / Stan (D96)

E179 – Par Sands to Mevagissey – SWCP Hiking (in a poncho) – Trev (SW45)

E180 – Tavy Cleave to Hare Tor Beautiful Circular Dartmoor Hike – Trev (D97)

E181 – Trev & Nath Indoors at the OUTDOORS EXPO – Trev / Nath (EXTRA)

E182 – Vik 2 Field Test – Dartmoor Solo Wild Camp (Yes Tor) – Trev (D98)

E183 – Barrymore’s Nephew – Hayne Down Hilarious Dartmoor Wild Camp – Trev / Stan (D99)

E184 – Escape from Dartmoor Prison – Dartmoor Prison Break Fundraiser – Don / Tish / Lisa (D100)

E185 – Isle of Portland Patreon Group Social Camp & Hike – Trev / Rob / Patreons (SW46)

E186 – Patreon North Moor Dartmoor Hike and Wild Camp West Mill Tor – Trev / Patreons (D101)

E187 – Oke Tor Solo Dartmoor Naurehike Tent as a Tarp Wild Camp – Trev (D102)

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