Tintagel Island – A Film Location

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Tintagel Island, filming location for movie the Kid Who Would Be King

It was only a few weeks ago that I walked from Bossiney Cove to Tintagel along the scenic South West Coastal Path, and got as close to the National Heritage’s idyllic and historical Island as I could. I took in the sights this side of that little wooden bridge and thought no more of it. So imagine my elation when the other day I was offered a day working as an SA (Supporting Artist or extra) on a new movie production being filmed exactly there, at Tintagel Castle. How could I say no to that?

Tintagel Island at Dawn

I contemplated taking my camcorder and vlogging in my spare time around the Island (for those who don’t know, being an extra in a movie is about 80% standing about and 20% working – hardly the glamorous job that you may suspect), but I was sure that would be frowned upon, so instead I just took my phone and managed to snap a few pics throughout the day.

The film being shot is a children’s adventure film called The Kid Who Would be King, and although it appears to be set in modern times, there is obvious links to the legend of King Arthur. The film is being directed by Adam and Joe’s Joe Cornish, who has recently become film director and screenwriter – with some fantastic films in his repertoire already (Attack the Block – Antman – Tintin ) and stars legendary actor Patrick Stewart as Merlin.

The morning sun creeping up onto Tintagel Island

The film’s production​ is shrouded in secrecy so I was unable to get any pics of the production, and also unable to explain too much about the days filming, but, I can surely share with you the pics that I acquired of the beautiful island itself, a fantastic and authentic film location. 

The best thing was reaching the island at dawn, and practically watching the sunrise, which made for some spectacular images. The weather in the day before had been wind and rain (hurricane Ophelia had only just passed), but on this day the weather was dry, a tad windy, and a little cloudy, which I think improves the photographs tenfold. The sea was a beautiful shade of bluey- green (turquoise lol), the early morning sun illuminated the rock faces with a golden sheen and the lush green lawns became vibrant and healthy.

The Cornish Coast, From Tintagel to Boscastle

As it happens on this day, we were used for quite a lot of the time, so I dare not stray too far from the green room (which in this case was the ruins of the garden). However, the few times that I did manage to slink off and snap a pic perched on the edge of a cliff, I would usually being spotted by other extras who would follow and also alert the attention of the crew who would arrive one step behind me, in time to bollock the other extras who followed my example. Oops!  

Although it was interesting to see a film in production, and all the time, effort, people and resources that go into each shot, for me, it was the cliffs and jutting outcrops of rocks in the calm and almost turquoise ocean that stole the show for me. It was an amazing location, and when I wasn’t being bustled around like a walking prop (because that’s all we are despite what some SA’s would try and have you believe) I was forever looking off into the distance, taking in the views and marvelling at our surroundings.  

King Arthur Statue, by artist Rubin Enyon

I did manage to get some photo’s of the new statue of King Arthur perched upon the cliff top, and once again the sun seemed to break through the clouds just in time for me to snap some fantastically lit pictures. It’s an intricate and impressive sculpture by artist Rubin Enyon, and seems to belong to the environment, with our legendary King standing with his back to the Atlantic, and overlooking his Kingdom. Legend has it that Tintagel was where Arthurs conception took place.  

The rest of the story takes place across the breadth and depth of the land. He is reported to have met the Lady of the Lake and claimed Escalubar at Dozmary Pool, near Altarnun in Cornwall. 

The Roundtable hangs in Winchester, which some believe could be the true location of Camelot, which may or may not be a completely fictional location, although the plaque at Tintagel claims that South Cadbury in Somerset is the true location.

So, anyway, it seemed only fair that I share the images that I managed to snap with you guys of this beautiful location, especially as you followed me right up to the bridge the other week on one of my solo coastal walks, and was denied entry to this incredible piece of history. I hope you enjoyed taking this brief look at the Island with me, and enjoy the pictures. Thanks again…. Until next time!

Barras Nose, Tintagel, Cornwall
King Arthur guarding his Country

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