About Us

Trev and Nath in the early days of Summit or Nothing

Hi, I’m Trev from Summit or Nothing, Youtubes hapless hikers, showing how to enjoy the outdoors on a budget. With my friend Nath, we began to film our outdoors pursuits as we began them. I had not had any experience with hiking before, well, once I did a hike to the Franz Joseph Glacier when I was in New Zealand, but that was it. Nath on the other hand had always been passionate about outdoors pursuits, and he had had military training… or so he led me to believe.

We started the channel when I wanted to see some mountains, and Nath seemed like the best one to guide me, and so he plotted that first day rambling up one of the highest tors of Dartmoor, and I bought my camera. The rest, as they say, is history.

Nath as the straight man in our comedy road movie Need For Weed

I was never without a camera handy all throughout my childhood, making films, and video editing had always been my passion, and as we grew older, I would occasionally rope friends of mine into my films, whether it was Nath in my coming of age stoner road movie Need For Weed, or Stan in the horror comedy The Hag, they have all been dragged in front of the camera from time to time. So it was no surprise to Nath that I should bring the camera hiking with me.

What was a surprise to both of us was how this series of outdoors videos would soon begin to pick up an audience unlike any other attempt at Youtube success previously. Our adventures, which we always filmed and edited to present the warts an’ all experience of outdoors exploration, would eventually go on to encourage many others to get out and have their own outdoor adventures.

Over the years we have explored much of Dartmoor, as well as conquered many mountains including the three main peaks, and plenty in between, we have wild camped in various wild locations, I have even walked two-thirds of the South West Coast Path as well as stood on one of the highest mountains in the Carpathians. The channel not only helped me to get on a path of fitness and well-being, but has also kept me editing on a regular basis, giving me a sense of contentment that was missing from my life.

With subscribers on the first charity hike

In later years, Nath hasn’t always been as readily available as he was at the start, and so others have turned up from time to time to keep me company, including friends and family, other YouTubers, our Patreons, work mates and many subscribers who have joined me on one of my many charity hikes.

I have managed to keep the channel moving on my own for a number of years, and I hope that whether I am alone, with Nath or with anybody else that our videos and now our blog posts, too, continue to influence and entertain many more of you out there.

It’s worth noting that throughout this website there will be many links to products that we use and recommend. These are affiliate links, which means that by purchasing products through these links that you will give us a little commission but at no further cost to you. So by buying loads of outdoors gear, you are actually helping to fund our future videos and adventures, so massive thanks.